Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I think I'm going back to school. Yep. I never thought I would ever, ever, ever say those words.

Yay! I'm applying to schools!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The POWER is on!!

I've got The Go! Team this weekend. Pretty pumped. Taking pictures and plan on bring my pom poms. Go Team, Go!!! However, not too "pomped" in going by myself. Boo.

all hallows eve... well kinda

Well in 3 days it will be the Eve of Halloween. I AM NOT a fan of Halloween, HOWEVER. I AM a fan of scary Halloween movies. This holiday isn't a real one, not like Christmas, Easter or Columbus Day, but whatever. I don't really care for it, but it doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the movies it spawns. :)

Watched Carrie last night.

Got a lil freaked out at the end. Maybe I'll watch Saw through my fingers tonight (Eeek!) Maybe I'll OnDemand Pan's Labyrinth, instead??

Sounds like a good night to curl up the couch. Although, I won't be turning off the lights. Who wants to watch the Shining with me?

Always gotta be a lot of teeth and bugged out eyes when it comes to scary movies eh?

Monday, October 22, 2007

So I've gotta stop clenching my jaw when I sleep. Even when I'm not sleeping I need to quite clenching my teeth together. Ahhh... I better not get TMJ.

:( sad face.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

spank rock, yo! majesty, earl greyhound, santogold, the noisettes, and special guests...

earl greyhound

she had sweet shoes

the noisettes




amanda blank

naeem on the mic

naeem & santi

amanda & naeem

santi & naeem breaking it down

sylvia (from kudu)

rose took this pic of sylvia!

naeem & rose (rose took the pic!)

rose (of sweatheart)

rose & lawrence
This "AfroPunk" experience was pretty awesome. Jammed out with my clam out. However I was a lil upset I didn't get any DFC, Dante's Fried Chicken.


Friday, October 19, 2007

hands up! guns out! representin' the world town

It took a lot of booing from the crowd, but after a 3 and a half hour wait the crowd at T5, (Terminal 5) finally got what they wanted. Through the first 3 songs or so there would be an initial "HURRAAAY!" and then almost dead silence. If the bass wasn't bumping ("treble"y so) the place would have been cricket heaven.

However, when M.I.A asked the crowd to join her on stage, everyone went NUTS. It was a mediocre rush to the stage, but after some kids realized she wasn't kidding it was a MADHOUSE. Security couldn't do much but stare and help 5 foot girls up the stage and from falling and getting too close to the edge.

It looked like an '87 hip hop video. Girls in pink tights, off the shoulder grey sweatshirts and side ponytails. Everyone from the ghettofied hip-hop diva blinged out in gaudy gold jewelery to the plaid t-shirt wearing skinny punk guy were on stage and rocking out. M.I.A was the Pied Piper of Terminal 5, the crowd followed her ever dip, shake and shimmy.

Even though she was late she rocked it. However I'm not sure what to think of the T5 venue. Let's see how Justice prevails. ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

look at those cool kids...

CMJ started off just right. Vyle got the crowd nodding their heads, Hollywood Holt got the crowd hype and the Cool Kids got everyone's hands in the air... unless you is ugly of course.

IMEEM Sponsored the event. A cross btwn Myspace and Facebook, it's a new place to get your daily stalker fix. However IMEEM is for the musically inclined. Although I reco Last FM if you want a social website if you like knowing more the avg. Otherwise you can check out the Cool Kids IMEEM page right here.


cool kids



The dj's


Kinda odd to find moby just dj'ing in the basement of the 205 club, but couldn't pass up a photo opp when I saw it was him. I don't think he cared much... WHAAAAAAAAT!!?!? O K!!

This Is What Happens When You Drink Toooo Much.

This Is What Happens When You Drink Toooo Much. put wine bags over your head and dance like Elaine from Seinfeld