Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Name is (Celebrity Name) and please buy my scent!

Unnecessary. The perfume game has come a long way from Chanel NÂș5.

Celebrities, please stop shoving your perfumes and colognes up my nostrils.
No Britney, "I don't dare." No Halle, no matter how beautiful you are I'm not interested and NO MARIAH, you are may be on fire, but not good enough to wipe your scent on me!

Top 15 Celebrity Colognes/Perfumes Offenders:

1. Mariah Carey:
2. Britney Spears
3. Halle Berry:
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Sean Jean (P.Diddy) -
6. Usher
7. Elizabeth Taylor
8.Celine Dion
9. Jennifer Lopez
10. David Beckham
11. Paris Hilton
12. Sarah Jessica Parker
13. Carlos Santana (!)
14. Hilary Duff
15. Antonio Banderas

That's my rant for today. I bet before this post is up, I will see Mariah sultrily applying perfume between her bosom... and you will too. Enjoy!

This Is What Happens When You Drink Toooo Much.

This Is What Happens When You Drink Toooo Much. put wine bags over your head and dance like Elaine from Seinfeld