Sunday, February 18, 2007

chk chk chk Album Release Party

The chk chk chk (!!!) concert was out of this world. I wish my camera's battery would have lasted for me to take just ONE picture.

I resisted going to this concert. My currently unemployed friend who reads nothing but music blogs (YOU BrooklynVegan) quickly went to get the tickets for an all you can drink Jack & Coke party with the band !!! playing.

The band was playing at an undisclosed location and we didn't find out about until the day before. It's was at a place called Shangri La Studios but it was about 7 blocks away from Nassau Ave stop. Once you get there, you show your ID to some bouncer dude who tells you down the alley and make a left. The slushy snowy alley way led to a stairwell with votive candles that led to a huge fire escape and a door. Creepy much? Yes indeed.

Once inside, the band was warming up, the line for free Jack & Coke was long, and there were pockets of people smoking cigs here and there. LOFT PARTY!!!!

After two of three jacks and once !!! started it was insane. Never heard their music before then, and I wish I had... cause after hearing them live could they really sound as well as they did on a CD? Hopefully...

Overall great night... Met some awesome people, danced my lil ass off and got a good buzz... although my friend became Mr. Blackout and the night ended a lil early for us. That's what happens when you drink 10 to 15 Jack & Cokes in an hour and a half.

-the nakedbuppie

This Is What Happens When You Drink Toooo Much.

This Is What Happens When You Drink Toooo Much. put wine bags over your head and dance like Elaine from Seinfeld